5 reasons to love Karachi Delight Sweets Range

Are you bored of the local food and missing the true taste of desi desserts? That fragrance of pure ghees, the sugary syrup and the melt in your mouth delicacies! Thankfully, Karachi Delight is your one-stop solution for your dessert cravings.

1. Presenting 3 scrumptious categories: Halwa, Milk Desserts and Mithai Do you love the soft gulab jamuns?? But your better half is crazy about that juicy milky goodness called the Rabri. Lucky for you, Karachi Delight has a wide range of sweets, spread over 3 main categories. Halwas include Carrot, Akhrot, Habshi and Loki halwa varieties, all available in 2 sizes. Milk Desserts are a favourite for the likes of Rasmalai, Rabri and Lachcha Rabri. All three are a must-try. Mithai will take you down the memory lane with drenched goodness of Gulab Jamuns and quality ingredient Kaju Katli that is coated with silver foil as traditionally popular.

2. Only Premium Ingredients Qualify Frozen food items can be a disaster if made from mediocre ingredients. This is why we use top quality ingredients so when reheated, you can enjoy the true desi flavors. All Karachi Delight frozen meals and desserts use the best produce from Pakistan to give your tastebuds a ride back home with every bite.

3. Fresh frozen Keeping healthy-packaged food in mind, Karachi Delight takes extra care that the packaged meals are frozen as soon as its time that is recommended by our kitchen experts. Afterall, we want you to experience the best and true taste of Pakistani cuisine.

4. Perfect texture We work hard to maintain the original texture and aromas of the products. From the melt in your mouth gulab jamuns to the grainy textures of Akhrot Halwa maintain their true textures even upon being reheated multiple times. The fudgy and nutty textures along with the fragrance of ghee are sure to blow your mind away!

5. Authentic Pakistani taste Karachi Delight won’t mean anything if we don’t provide you with the authentic flavors. All frozen dessert package recipes are made by expert chefs who follow the age-old recipes to give you the true taste of home.

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