Freshly Frozen, Top-Quality Taste of Pakistan

When it comes to food and our super busy lives, what is it that we look for? Quality ingredients and quick to serve tasty dishes. Eating out is an option that can be expensive, unhealthy and not always satisfying. All this and imagine you are a desi living abroad where desi food is really expensive. You always crave it but don’t have the time to cook yourself a delicious desi meal.

This is why AY Foods stepped into the world of Frozen Foods and launched its range of healthy readymade meals under the brand name Karachi Delight in 2019. The goal is to deliver best tasting frozen foods from Pakistan to the rest of the world. So yes, AY Foods are the exporters of freshly frozen foods with Pakistani and other Asian frozen product range.

Karachi Delight stands out of the lot as it produces vegan frozen foods and provides us with products that are generally not produced by other brands. Also, as the name suggests, we deliver food range the city Karachi is famous for.

If you already know the brand, we won’t be surprised as Karachi Delight is the top seller of parathas, samosas, naans, bun kababs, sweets and mithai. We proudly represent Pakistani cuisine in the USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Bahrain, Singapore and Ireland. We are not only vegan-friendly but every item is produced in-house. We’re proud that Karachi Delight is ISO, HACCP, BRC, Vegan and Halal Certified. Karachi Delight is a must to have in your weekly grocery list if you are a consumer, but if you are an importer, Karachi Delight can be very lucrative for your business.

You can click here to explore our website for further information about AY Foods and Karachi Delight.

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